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The Dandruff issue is not just a small issue.


Sometimes it becomes a reason for Hair fall.


Sometimes it becomes an embarrassing moment when we wear Dark Colours clothes & dandruff clearly shows on it. 


Sometimes lots of itches on his/her scalp because of Dandruff.

At the age of 34, he ( Akhil Thukral, Team Lead in Telus International ) is suffering from dandruff issues for the last 11 or 12 years, tried various anti-dandruff shampoos but didn’t get results.


After using ” The Gateway of Herbs ” shampoo & toner get rid of dandruff issues in just a couple of weeks. 

After getting results he reviewed our products and said ” Dandruff toner is very effective. It has helped me to control dandruff. It has shown its effect on my scalp after a couple of its applications. Happy to use this🙂 ”. 

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