"We Love To Enhance People Beauty In A Natural Way. That Is Why We Do. What We Do."

About Us

Hi Hello To Herbs Bye-Bye To Chemicals.

Personalised – Herbal Skin and Hair Care products.

At Gateway of herbs, we know each skin and hair type is unique and needs individual attention to understand its needs.

Our 150 + natural, chemicals and preservatives-free products range has got all your skin and hair issues covered!

We are committed to bringing you differentiated yet effective products and experiences. 

Personalization is woven into our philosophy.  With this intrinsic goal in mind, we bring to you the opportunity to ‘Customise Your Own’ skin and hair products

Our free personal consultation session is a privileged moment for each customer as we will understand what your skin and hair needs are and accordingly harness the expertise of our Ayurveda to find and define the perfect natural ingredients and right formulation to craft your very own personalized skincare, cosmetics and hair care products.

Call – +91 97110 79467 and book your session now!

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Glimpse Of Our Garden

All plants are grown by practicing organic farming.


Know Our Team

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Marketing & Sales
Nidhi Kant Chaurasia
Production & Logistic
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CA Raj Chaurasia
Finance & Administration
Geeta Chaurasia
Jatin Arora
Media & Printing Partner

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